On the Execution of William Morva and the Death Penality

The American Solidarity Party of Virginia condemns the execution of William Morva. We call upon Governor Terry McAuliffe and all Virginia lawmakers to end capital punishment.

 No Mercy for Morva

William Morva was tried and convicted of murder, but he was also found to be mentally ill. To execute a man is an injustice. To execute a man who could not comprehend the full magnitude of his crime is a grave injustice. Competent physicians found Morva to be suffering from delusions and these delusions caused him to act violently. Sending a sick man to his death serves no definition of justice known in the American identity. Our thoughts and prayer go to the Morva family and the families of his victims.

Mercy for All

The execution of a sick man is cause for reflection. William Morva received no mercy, but his death is a wake-up call for Virginians. The death penalty is a perverted institution from a bygone age, and we must be ready to see that. While we continue this barbarism, we accept the the idea that the inalienable right to life is very alienable. We must confront the death penalty and expose it as a threat to inalienable human rights. Furthermore, the death penalty is unnecessary.  We live in an age where technology and methodology have changed since the days of iron bars and prison escapes. Therefore, there is no need to execute anyone. Since public safety is not at risk, one argument for the death penalty remains. Only the demand for retribution remains as the sole reasons for the death penalty. And that is not a reason at all.

End the Death Penalty Now

The American Solidarity Party of Virginia calls on the Govornor, lawmakers, and those running for office to come together to end this horrible injustice and grant mercy for all by repealing the death penalty.

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